8 Rules for the Rookie Blogger

Starting a blog is a great way to interact with your customers, but it can be a bit daunting. Here’s my rules for the rookie blogger.

1)Do your homework – Unless you are inventing a topic, someone else already blogs about it. Find them (technorati), read them, RSS them (Google Reader).

2)Be Involved – Make smart, insightful comments on the blogs that you read. If you add something to the discussion and include your link on the byline you can attract some readers.

3)Don’t be shady! – Blogging is about communicating and writing NOT link-whoring. Write good stuff and you will attract people. Try to cheat the system with shady link swapping and you won’t.

4)Link out - Bloggers have a lot of great stuff to say. If someone says something you like, don’t be afraid to give them some love. They might just return the favor.

5)Be meticulous - Write, re-write, re-write the re-write, until it’s just right. And then spell check. Twice.

6)Tag on - Make sure to tag each post, it’ll help with organization and SEO.

7)Spread the word - Post your link in forums, submit your link to big open directories (DMOZ), E-mail your friends, Make a Squidoo Lens, Link to it on your MySpace Page. Send out press releases.

8 )Evolve - Never get complacent, always be creative and look for new ways to improve. Don’t be afraid to change.

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