What To Do This Weekend

I’ll be heading down to Charleston this weekend, so here’s some great stuff to keep you company until I get back.

Conversation Agent – How A Blog Is Born

Conversation Marketing – 38 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started In Marketing

Copyblogger – Five Lessons From Newspapers to Boost Your Blog’s Circulation

Hee-Haw Marketing – Brand Strategy and the Roll of Digital Marketing

Logic + Emotion – The Top 10 Made Up Words of Web 3.0

Marketing In Traffic – Creadibility

Pleasure and Pain – Flickr Introduces Video

PR Squared – Will You Kick Ass For Us?

Problogger – Why Do You Write?

Seth Godin – Who Answers The Phone?

Social Honeycomb – PicLens is Enhancing My Photo Viewing Experience

Social Media Explorer – Practical Guide To Starting A Corporate Blog

6 thoughts on “What To Do This Weekend”

  1. Good meeting you, Matt. Thank you for the link. Tomorrow I am speaking about career and job search 2.0 (overused, I know) at Strayer U. in King of Prussia for the Career Transitions group of Fast Company, Company of Friends. I think I mentioned it at Blogger Social. Have a great weekend and safe travels!

  2. Hey Valeria,

    Great meeting you too. It’s always good to meet people from the area. As for your post, it’s a great read, I really enjoyed it. Good luck with your talk st Strayer!

  3. Dude … what a cool list of great stuff. What the heck and I doing there?

    Thanks for the link love, my man. I’m adding you to my blogroll now (Sorry I hadn’t before.)


  4. Jason,
    It is a cool list, and one that you completely belong on. I realized I needed to update my blogroll and good news…you’re in! Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks for putting together a sweet post on Flickr video. Saved me a lot of time from figuring the whole thing out myself. And Charleston is always a good time. Thanks!

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