Why You Should Hire My Mom

Today is Barbara McDonald’s birthday. And for her birthday this year, I’m going to do something different. I’m going to tell you why you should hire her to do your PR.

Although she has a degree in Special Education from Rowan University and had worked as a teacher for several years, her skill set goes far beyond education, branching into community building/leadership, online public relations, and event organization.

In the early days of America Online (I’m talking the 2.0 days, if you can remember them) my Mom knew that this whole “internet” thing was going to be something big. She got a job with AOL as a Community Leader and played a key roll in developing the (at the time) thriving AOL community, and also moderated live-chat events with many big name guests (even Bill Nye the Science Guy!).

AOL eventually phased out many in their community leader program, and my Mom, still on the front edge, began a career in the fledgling field of internet PR. She was brought aboard an alternative health company named J2S2 which was later renamed Healant. With J2S2/Healant she was in charge of organizing many of their online efforts including the early days of online press releases, developing key contacts within other major sites, growing the online alternative health community with her company as a major player, and even helping to organize major events online such as the Great American Smoke-Out.

Eventually she left J2S2/Healant to pursue her career as a signer/songwriter (which she had put on hold due to my brother and myself) and has put out one great album with another coming. Check out her music here on SoundClick.com

Professional experience aside, my mother is one of the best communicators out there. She’s extremely intelligent, diligent, ambitious, innovative, and if you think I’m outgoing, you should spend some time with her! I’m sure that she would be an asset to any PR team.

Recently she attended PodCamp Philly 2008, where I was speaking, and expressed her interest to get back into Online PR and I figured who better to throw it out to than my fantastic readers!

I know my Mom could be an asset to your PR team. She’s available to work remotely or in the Philadelphia area. If you’d like to talk with her, feel free to email her at BarbaraMcDonald@aol.com or you could email me and I could pass it along.

Thanks Mom! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Matt, you are a wonderful son! It was great to meet your mom at PodCamp and I have no doubt that she will do a fantastic PR job for anyone that hires her! Happy belated birthday Barbara!

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