A Brand Purpose Model

What gap does your brand fill?

Status Symbol – Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Prada

Facilitator – Facebook, WordPress, Google

Identifier – Philadelphia Eagles, Xbox 360, Harley-Davidson

Loyal Friend – Coca Cola, Tylenol, Moleskine

Experiment – Segway, Under Armour, Smart Car

Rebellion – (formerly) Apple, Hendricks Gin, Doc Martins

6 thoughts on “A Brand Purpose Model”

  1. Matt, love the graphic! As they say…a picture says a thousand words. I think it's more the brand experience than the actual brand that leads to a defined purpose (status, experiment, rebellion, etc.). Meaning, Brand A makes me feel like a rebel and as such my personal needs are fulfilled. But now, 10 months later, Brand B (and all Brand B consumers that I hang out with) makes me feel like even more of a rebel and I like it more than Brand A. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Nice visualization Matt….very David Armano of you :)
    I think it is also fun to create similar illustrations or visualizations of personnas when considering the target consumer of a brand.

  3. Question for you Matt – how does this relate to a business like mine, an historic theatre? We are attempting to build a brand around a theatre that has been without consistent programming for nearly 3 decades.

    Are we a facilitator, a status symbol, a loyal friend,…

  4. @Beth
    Glad you liked it. I agree that there's a lot of shifting going on between roles, but the thing is, one brand can be a thousand different things to a thousand different people. I think the important thing is just to mean something to at least one person.

    Thanks. It's hard to make a graphic sometimes without doing shades of Armano. He's got the “visual thinking” thing pretty covered.

    Like I mentioned with Beth, I think you can be all those things, to different people. You have to see how the core of your audience views you and then align that with how you'd like to be seen. If you keep filling that gap, as you have been for 30 years, then people will stick around. I'd say the first thing to do is ask.

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