6 Bloggers I Hope Write A Book and Why

Despite some really good digital marketing/social media books out recently from the likes of Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan/Julien Smith, Tamar Weinberg, (soon to be) Greg Verdino, etc., There are still a bunch of bloggers I’d like to see put something into print. Here’s my short list. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

David Armano (Twitter)
Why I Want It: A book from Armano would most likely lie somewhere between The Back of The Napkin and Blink in terms of synthesizing complex ideas into easy visuals, and presenting something to make you think, not just a how-to. Also, a cowboy hat-including collectors edition would likely be a possibility.
What It Probably Will Be Called: Logic + Emotion: (Insert Explanatory Subtitle)
What It Should Be Called: Of Bathroom Sign People and Cowboy Hats, A David Armano story.

Jason Falls (Twitter)
Why I Want It: Jason has a knack for explaining things in clear, but intuitive ways. A book from him would probably be the kind of book you give to your boss and say “Here’s a quick primer on social media. Yes we can run ads there. And stop calling it “Facespace”. Low on ass-kissery, high on ass-kickery.
What It Probably Will Be Called: Social Media Explorer: Discover the Tools and Tactics of the New Web
What It Should Be Called: Heh.

Whitney Hess
Why I Want It: I learn something legitimate from almost every post that Whitney writes, and I think her style would translate really well into the bound medium. She makes UX feel simultaneously elemental and complex, which is hard to do.
What It Probably Will Be Called: Pleasure and Pain
What It Should Be Called: Do Your Users Want To Punch The Internet?

Scott Monty (Twitter)
Why I Want It: Scott Monty has the rare experience of having been a big part of emerging channels agency Crayon, and then transitioning to heading up social media at a little company called Ford Motors. One of the most genuine people in the business, and hands down the best dressed.
What It Probably Will Be Called: The New Big Business: Social Media for the Large Organization
What It Should Be Called: Suit-Point-Oh: Style for the Social Media-minded Man.

Bill Green (Twitter)
Why I Want It: Equal parts snark and commentary, Bill gets enough content onto his Make The Logo Bigger blog to have his own monthly magazine. While some of the best stuff is video content, there’s plenty of advertising gold to go around.
What It Probably Will Be Called: Make The Logo Bigger.
What It Should Be Called: Why I Went To Law School

Alan Wolk (Twitter)
Why I Want It: In most of my reading, I’m more interested by higher level strategy and thought-process type stuff than I am in the how-to’s of tips and tactics. Alan Wolk does a good job of blending the digital and traditional worlds to figure out what the hell is going on in advertising.
What It Probably Will Be Called: …Honestly I couldn’t guess.
What It Should Be Called: Return of the Tangerine Toad.

9 thoughts on “6 Bloggers I Hope Write A Book and Why”

  1. Thank you Matt.

    A book, which will probably be called “Your Brand Is Not My Friend” has been on my to-do list for some time now. About 2 years, to be exact.

    But it's good to see I'm in good company in terms of my fellow procrastinators.

  2. What about Famous Frank? I would LOVE to read the book that Frank Eliason from @ComcastCares writes!

  3. Jason! Just heard your interview with mitch joel this morning on the car ride to work. You should totally write a book.

    You seem to know your stuff =P. Maybe you could make it a choose your own adventure book.

  4. Appreciate the include. If and when I get around to ever doing one, hope I can live up to that list.

  5. My story is still developing. I would love to see all of these books written. I love the perspective of each of these thought leaders.

    Frank Eliason

  6. You know I'm a huge fan of yours, and your support has always meant the world to me. I almost spit up my Chocolate Silk when reading what my book “should be called.” Nice one. Thanks so much for including me among these incredible people. Perhaps you'll get a book out of me one of these days…

  7. Matt,

    Great list of bloggers. of your list I would love to read Bill Green's. I think it would be interesting, yet done in a totally sweet way. I wouldn't be upset to see a few of these guys put a book out.

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