Everyone Knows That, Right?

This is some eye-opening stuff. In one of his recent posts, Mitch Joel showcases a video from Google where they go out in the Jay Leno “Jay Walking” style and ask people on the street a (seemingly) simple question. In this case the question is: What is a browser?

That’s kids table stuff, right? Everyone knows that, I’m sure. It’s not like we’re asking about dynamic style sheets or to explain the QDF piece of Google’s algorithm.

Just watch.

Sheesh. Like Mitch says, maybe this explains why we get blank stares when we try to explain how Twitter fits into a business plan.

Think about that the next time you’re trying to explain why you should create value by engaging your community, activating your base, and empowering your biggest fans through one-to-one interaction and brand transparency.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Knows That, Right?”

  1. The search data I've looked at for years has reflected the fact that people use their search box as if it were the browser's address field. But, this always struck me as strange behavior. Now, seeing this has made things abundantly clear.

    People are stupid.

    But we already knew that.

  2. I think I have been desensitized to American ignorance from years of watching Jay Leno… This is pretty shocking. I love the guys who says “the blue e,” I had to explain IE to a friend as the “big blue e” a few months ago. HA!

  3. This is great, thanks for sharing this. It's certainly a danger assuming everyone knows what you know, and why should they? It makes no sense for a customer to be able to understand the difference between google & IE.

    It reminds me of when companies try to clarify their department's role to a customer. The customer doesn't know/care. It's all one big glob.

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